Alan Parma and Andrea Reed-Leal Earn Awards for Excellence in Teaching

Alan Parma, an Assistant Instructional Professor in Spanish and Portuguese, has been recognized with the Glenn and Claire Swogger Award for Exemplary Classroom Teaching. According to a recent news article from the College, the award is granted to "outstanding teachers with College appointments who introduce students to habits of scholarly thinking, inquiry and engagement in the Core Curriculum—the College’s general education program."

Andrea Reed-Leal, a graduate student in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies, has been selected for the Wayne C. Booth Prize for Excellence in Teaching. The Booth Prize is awarded to graduate students who demonstrate exemplary undergraduate instruction. 

Andrea was also awarded the new CSGS Course Design Prize for Graduate Instructors by the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality. According to the Center, the prize is awarded to "PhD students who designed an undergraduate course with a robust and sustained engagement with questions of gender and sexuality." Andrea's course was entitled "Indigenous Feminisms of Latin America."

Check out the College article to read more about the awardees' teaching philosophies.