Andrea Reed-Leal
Research Interests: History of the book and libraries, objects as knowledge, ceramic production, female intellectuality, circulation of ideas.

Andrea received her double BA in Political Science and International Relations from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (Mexico) and her MA in History from McGill University (Canada). Her research engages subjects such as the history of the book, female intellectuality, circulation of ideas, libraries, ceramics and languages, especially in the context of early colonial Latin America. Working on the intersection between different times and geographies, Andrea seeks to assess the repercussions of knowledge of the past on contemporary imaginary. Her book-project titled Medieval Women and the Book focuses on the female involvement in the production and circulation of manuscripts in the early Middle Ages. She has published as editor and co-writer El río que no vemos. Crónicas de Tizapán (2017) and El camino de la práctica. Yoga, barro y movimiento (2020). She is also author of essays, short-stories and book-reviews in literary magazines, such as Luvina, Este País y Revista de la Universidad de México.