Undergraduate Forms

Undergraduates who wish to declare a minor or major in Romance Languages and Literatures must fill out a minor or major form and meet with the appropriate Undergraduate Adviser by the spring quarter of their third year. Those who wish to declare a major in more than one Romance language and literature should make sure to meet with all relevant Advisers.

Undergraduate Advisers    
Catalan Studies Prof. Noel Blanco Mourelle nblancomourelle@uchicago.edu
French and Francophone Studies Prof. Khalid Lyamlahy klyamlahy@uchicago.edu
Italian Studies Prof. Maria Anna Mariani marianim@uchicago.edu
Luso-Brazilian Studies Prof. Victoria Saramago saramago@uchicago.edu
Hispanic Studies Prof. Danielle Roper droper@uchicago.edu