Program Overview

We offer undergraduate programs in French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Basque, and Portuguese literature.

These major and minor programs give students knowledge of the literature in their area of concentration and develop the ability to read, write, and speak one or more of the Romance languages. Students whose interests lay at the intersection multiple Romance-language literatures may pursue one of our programs in more than one literature.

Students with advanced standing should consider taking special topic courses at the 20000 and 30000 levels. Some of these courses require consent of the instructor.

Study Abroad

We strongly encourage all of our majors and minors to study abroad. It is when immersed in another culture that a language becomes alive, and opportunities for communication become relevant in a way that the classroom cannot fully capture. The College offers Civilization programs in Barcelona, Oaxaca, Paris and Rome. Courses taken in a Romance language as part of the Civilization sequence may be applied to the major or minor. The College also offers direct enrollment to universities in Chile, Spain, and Italy. This experience affords qualified Chicago students an opportunity to take coursework in their major and beyond while benefiting from a totally immersive linguistic and cultural experience. Those wishing to undertake intensive language study abroad in the summer quarter may apply for summer funding through the College's Foreign Language Acquisition Grants.

RLL encourages students who study abroad in a country where a Romance language is commonly spoken to use photography to capture some aspect of their experience. Every year, the department gives out the RLL Photo Prize. Winners are awarded a monetary prize and their work adorns the department office.

Student Organizations

The University of Chicago is home to many undergraduate Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs). Our majors and minors have participated and assumed leadership positions in the French Club, the Brazilian Students Association, the Chicago Italian Appreciation Organization, Mexicans at UChicago, and the Organization of Latin American Students. Visit the RSO site for a complete list.

Undergraduate Outcomes

Undergraduate Outcomes