René de Costa

Professor Emeritus of Spanish and Spanish American Literatures
PhD, Washington University, 1970

Selected Courses Taught


  • Theater of Spain and Spanish America
  • Poetry and Poetics from Middle Ages to Present
  • Painting and Poetry of the Avant-Garde (France, Spain, Italy and Latin America)
  • Latin American Thought (Essay)
  • Literature of the Fantastic (European and Latin American)
  • Humor Theory
  • Borges
  • Huidobro
  • Neruda
  • Parra
  • Women Writers of Spain and Spanish America


  • A variety of courses in the humanities and world literature, with readings from the Great Books and hitherto "marginal" writers
  • Art, architecture and literature sequences for year long team-taught courses in Latin American Civilization
  • Intensive course on Civilization in the Western Mediterranean given at the University of Chicago's Center in Barcelona, Spain