Peadar Kavanagh

Peadar Kavanagh received his bachelor’s degree in French and English from the University of Washington in 2016, and joined the French & Francophone section of the Department of Romance Languages & Literatures at the University of Chicago in 2018. His research is focused on satire in seventeenth-century France, on the social and political functions of satire as a polemical discourse within this specific historical context. In his dissertation, he investigates how and towards what ends writers under Louis XIV exploited different literary genres to interpret recent events. As the study of derisive rewritings of the contemporary, this project is situated at an early modern intersection of news media, fiction, and historiography. 

Recent courses in RLL

  • FREN 10200 Beginning Elementary French II (Autumn 2020)
  • FREN 10300 Beginning Elementary French III (Winter 2021)