Léon Pradeau

Cohort Year: 2020
Research Interests: Poetry and Poetics, "Prosthetics", Translation Studies, and Gender and Sexuality

I work on postmodern and contemporary French & Francophone poetry. My previous research focused on metaphor and situated forms of the lyric (from Robert Desnos to Cécile Mainardi). Recently, my Qualifying Paper and Dissertation Proposal have turned towards embodiment and the (re)construction of bodies through writing and reading. I explore how poems construct prosthetic bodies, in a reparation or reappropriation enmeshed with erotic, technical, and political assemblages. 

A few poems, book reviews and short stories have been published or are forthcoming in various journals (Fabula, Chicago Review). My latest academic article, “Le bas voltage: Dominique Fourcade, Stéphane Bouquet et l’électricité poétique”, was published in the Revue Européenne de Recherches sur la Poésie (no. 8, 02/2023).


Recent Courses in RLL

-       FREN 205 Writing in French/Écrire en Français (Fall 2022)

-       FREN 23333 Reading French for Research Purposes (Winter 2023)