Sara Dallavalle

Assistant Instructional Professor
Gates-Blake 233
Office Hours: T 11:00-1:00
Academic Profile:
Ph.D., Indiana University-Bloomington, 2020
Teaching at UChicago since 2020

Sara Dallavalle was born and raised in Italy. She earned her B.A. in Modern Languages and Cultures from the University of Pavia (2011) and her M.A. in Specialized Translation in English and Spanish from IULM University in Milan (2013). In 2013 she moved to the US to pursue her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Italian Studies and she graduated from Indiana University-Bloomington with a dissertation on Italian comics magazines of the 1960s-1980s (2020). Sara specializes in comics studies and her research integrates elements from periodical studies, media industry studies, publishing studies, fan studies, and digital humanities.  

Sara is dedicated to teaching Italian language and culture promoting an immersive experience and motivating students to engage with the language as a living, dynamic process. Before joining the University of Chicago, she taught several courses, from beginning to advanced levels, in face-to-face, hybrid, and online formats, on campus and abroad (Florence). She also helped coordinate Italian classes, directed co-curricular events, contributed to the creation and implementation of a new Intermediate Italian online course, and designed an advanced course in Italian which pairs the history of Italian comics and the most important historical and cultural events of 20th-century Italy. Sara enjoys being an active member of the community, organizing conferences and professionalization workshops, and promoting a tighter relationship between students and faculty through the use of social media.

Recent courses in RLL

  • ITAL 10100 Beginning Elementary Italian I (Autumn 2020)
  • ITAL 10200 Beginning Elementary Italian II (Winter 2021)
  • ITAL 10300 Beginning Elementary Italian III (Spring 2021)
  • ITAL 20300 Language, History, and Culture III (Spring 2021)
  • ITAL 20400 Corso di perfezionamento (Autumn 2020)
Subject Area: Italian Studies