Loriane Lafont


Loriane holds her BA in literature from Paris IV-Sorbonne (equivalence from her khâgne in Lycée Henri IV in Paris). She also holds a MA (ENS Paris/ Paris IV-Sorbonne) on 16th century literature (« Enjeux éthiques et formes littéraires de la festivitas dans l’oeuvre de François Rabelais »).

Loriane is pursuing a joint PhD with the EPHE (École Pratique des Hautes Études) in Paris. She defines herself more like a historian of literature rather than of strictly being a « seiziémiste » as she works on Chrétien de Troyes’ novels as well as on Jansenism, literature in relationship with christianity and judaism. She is getting specialized in Michel Foucault’s philosophy, especially that of L’histoire de la sexualité. Her dissertation intertwines a reflection on history of literature and the work of Foucault on the hermeneutics of the self, metanoia and technologies of the self. 

Beyond her academic work, Loriane has written and directed a play « On ne badine pas avec du Barry » (Toulouse, 2007) and written an essay on French «grandes écoles » in 2013. 

Research interests: Medieval literature, Chrétien de Troyes, literature and religion, conversion, Judaism, Christianism, history of literature, philosophy of religion, XII century, Michel Foucault. 

Recent courses in RLL

  • FREN 20500 Écrire en français (Winter 2021)