Romance Languages and Literatures


Brazilian Avant-Gardes

Victoria Saramago
Level: Both
Portuguese Literature
PORT 26810/36810
LACS 26810/36810

Avant-garde movements, tendencies, and artists have been present in Brazil throughout the 20th century. From the paradigmatic Week of Modern Art in 1922 to the Tropicalism of the 1960s and 1970s, this course revisits works of fiction, poetry, essay, visual arts, film, and music that have shaped the Brazilian avant-gardes. We will focus on the Modernist Movement, Concretism, Neoconcretism, New Cinema, Tropicalism, and regional avant-garde movements produced across the country. Taught in English, with readings available in Portuguese and English.

Brazilian Theater and Film

Victoria Saramago
Level: Undergrad
Portuguese Literature
PORT 21903
LACS 21905

This course offers an overview of theater and cinema in Brazil, from the late 19th century to the present. Through an array of films and plays, students will become familiar with cultural, aesthetic, political, social, and environmental aspects of Brazil. The course will also discuss performance, adaptation, and intersections between theater and film. Play writers and film makers may include Qorpo Santo, Oswald de Andrade, Nelson Rodrigues, Ariano Suassuna, Plínio Marcos, Denise Stoklos, Mário Peixoto, Glauber Rocha, Susana Amaral, Guel Arraes, Lucia Murat, Eduardo Coutinho, and Kleber Mendoça Filho, among others. Taught in English, with readings available in Portuguese and English.