Silvia Guslandi

Humanities Teaching Fellow
Wieboldt 224
Office Hours: By Appointment
Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2020

Silvia Guslandi received her Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures from the University of Chicago in summer 2020. She specializes in nineteenth to twenty-first century Italian literature and cinema, with a focus on transnational modernism, migration and translation. More broadly, her research and teaching interests include race and ethnicity, Italian American studies, postcolonialism, multilingualism, disability theory, gender studies. She also holds a Ph.D. in Euro-American Comparative literature from the University of Genoa, Italy and has published peer-reviewed articles on Elio Vittorini, John Steinbeck, Maria Luisa Spaziani and Emanuel Carnevali, as well as translations both from and into Italian of texts by Adriana Cavarero, John Dos Passos, Giovanni Pascoli and others.

As a Humanities Teaching Fellow, Silvia is working on a book manuscript that examines the role played by cross-national, cross-lingual and cross-cultural exchanges in the development of Italian literature at the turn of the twentieth century and a series of articles on the Italian reception of North American literature during Fascism.

Recent courses in RLL

  • FREN/ITAL 28650 Migrant Words: Belonging and Displacement in Multilingual Authors (Winter 2021)
  • ITAL 10200 Beginning Elementary Italian II (Winter 2016)
  • ITAL 10300 Beginning Elementary Italian III (Spring 2016)
  • ITAL 20400 Corso di perfezionamento (Autumn 2019)
  • ITAL 21322 Literature and/of/Against Fascism (Winter 2022)
  • ITAL 23217 Challenges of Translation: Italian Poetry and Prose (Spring 2018)