Peter Dembowski

Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of French Literature
PhD, University of California-Berkeley, 1960

Peter Dembowski focuses on the linguistic and literary studies of Medieval French and Provençal. His interests include history of Romance languages with special consideration of Medieval French, as well as on the problems of critical edition and interpretation of Medieval texts. His books and critical editions of Old French texts include: La Chronique de Robert de Clari (Toronto, 1963); Ami et Amile (Paris, 1969) crit. ed.; La Vie de sainte Marie l'Egyptienne (Geneva-Paris, 1977) crit. ed.; Jean Froissart and his Meliador (Lexington, 1983); Le Paradis d'amour et l'Orloge amoureus, (Geneva, 1986) crit. ed.; Jourdain de Blaye (Paris, 1991) crit. ed.; Erec et Enide (Paris, 1994) crit. ed.; L'Estrif de Fortune et Vertu, (Geneva, 1999) crit. ed.; Christians in the Warsaw Ghetto. An Epitaph for the Unremembered (2005).

Awards, Honors, and Professional Experience

  • Fellow American Academy of Arts and Science
  • Chevalier de l'Ordre de Palmes académiques
  • Recipient of the Norman Maclean Faculty Award
  • Recipient of a Festschrift: Philologies Old and New. Essays in Honor of Peter Florian Dembowski

Selected Courses Taught

  • Courses on most of the literary genres of old French
  • Introduction to Romance Historical Linguistic
  • Introduction to Old Provençal