Jessica F. Marroquín

Postdoctoral Researcher and Instructor; ACLS Emerging Voices Fellow
Office Hours: T 3:15-4:15 & by appt.
Ph.D., University of Virginia, 2020

Jessica F. Marroquín specializes in 20th century and contemporary Latin American studies, with a focus on cultural production in Mexico and Mexican-American communities. Her research interests include literature, feminist and gender studies, digital studies, death studies, the role of the nation-state, hybridity, and religion. She is also a member of the Religion, Race, and Democracy Lab at the University of Virginia where she has created and published a podcast on la Santa Muerte, or Holy Death, and is currently creating another audio-documentary on religion in Houston, Texas. As a postdoctoral fellow at UChicago, Jessica is working on a manuscript that studies the figures of death – La Catrina, La Santa Muerte, and beyond – as products of cultural hybridity. She will also be teaching one to two courses on podcasting and digital studies.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

 Review: Cartas a la familia,” Special Issue: Latinx Digital Humanities, ed. Lorena Gauthereau, in Reviews in the Digital Humanities. Accepted June 2020. Forthcoming.

 “Bel/la y S/Z: la reformulación de Honoré de Balzac en ‘Cuarta versión’ (1982) de Luisa Valenzuela,” Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, 97(6): 649-663, 2020.

“Homenaje, violencia y memoria en Las putas de San Julián,” Historia de un escenario: 40 años de teatro en español en la Universidad de Virginia, ed. Fernando Operé and Fernando Valverde. Valparaíso USA: Clayton, GA, 2020.

Digital Publications

 “La Santa”, podcast episode, Religion, Race, and Democracy Lab (RRD) Sacred and Profane, aired April 2020.

Two Days of Shadowing Going on Thirty,” blog post, Scholars’ Lab, February 3, 2020,