Romance Languages and Literatures

Affiliated Faculty

Dominique Bluher
Lecturer and Director of M.A. Studies
Department of Cinema and Media Studies
Classics Buliding 410

Miguel Caballero Vazquez
Collegiate Assistant Professor, Humanities Core
Gates-Blake 411

Margaret Carlyle
Postdoctoral Researcher and Instructor
Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge
SIFK 309

Cécile Fromont
Assistant Professor of Art History and the College
Cochrane-Woods Art Center 270 

Rachel Galvin
Assistant Professor
Department of English
Walker 511

Marius Hauknes
College Assistant Professor, Humanities

Colin Jones
Visiting Professor
Department of History
Social Sciences Building 510

Emilio Kourí
Professor of History; Chair, Department of History
Harper Memorial Library East 681

Ellen MacKay
Associate Professor
Department of English
Walker 503

Françoise Meltzer
Edward Carson Waller Distinguished Service Professor
Department of Comparative Literature
Harper Memorial Library East 688

Michael Murrin
Raymond W. and Martha Hilpert Gruner Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus 
Department of English, Comparative Literature, and the Divinity School
Rosenwald 428

Lucy Pick
Director of Undergraduate Studies and Senior Lecturer
Divinity School
Swift Hall 400C

François G. Richard
Associate Professor of Anthropology and of
Social Sciences in the College
H 211

Anne Walters Robertson
Claire Sux Swift Distinguished Service Professor of Music;
Interim Dean, Division of the Humanities
Goodspeed Hall 210

Rosanna Warren
Hanna Holborn Gray Distinguished Professor
Committee on Social Thought
Foster 301

David Wray
Associate Professor
Department of Classics
Classics Building 28