Romance Languages and Literatures

Manuel Olmedo

Graduate Student


Program: Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies

Research Interests: 

Golden Age Spanish literature, renaissance studies, early modern epics, music and literature


Lectura y locura en las instituciones de la esgrima y la literatura del Siglo de Oro


Current Student

Manuel Olmedo Gobante joined the department of Romance Languages and Literatures in 2014. He received his B.A. in Hispanic Philology from the University of Seville, Spain, specializing in Golden Age Spanish literature, and studying visual arts, literature and cinema at King’s College London, United Kingdom. He taught Spanish language at Villanova University for two years. His research interests include epic and counter-epic, collective memory, power structures, and the sociology of cultural products such as literature, music, visual arts, and sacred and secular rites. Other areas of scholarly interest include bibliography and textual criticism, European martial arts, early music, and game studies.