Graduate Student
Program: French and Francophone Studies
Research Interests: 
Nineteenth- and twentieth-century French literature
The Evolutions of Feminine Sincerity and Dissimulation in Novels of Education in Ancien Régime France
Robert Morrissey
Current Student

Rebecca Crisafulli is a Ph.D. student in French whose research focuses on sincerity, dissimulation, and theatricality in seventeenth-and eighteenth-century women’s writing, especially in letters and epistolary novels. Her other interests include Romanticism and Realism, responses to crises of meaning in 20th-c. French literature, and the impact of technology on reading styles. Before coming to the University of Chicago in 2010, Rebecca was a Lecturer in French at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC from 2006-2010 and earned a BA (2003) and an MA (2006) in French Language and Literature from the University of Virginia.