Romance Languages and Literatures

Bastien Craipain

Graduate Student


Program: French and Francophone Studies

Research Interests: 

Nineteenth- and twentieth-century Francophone Caribbean Literatures; Race, ethnicity, and gender politics; Literature, anthropology, and the social sciences; Histories of the modern Caribbean; French colonialism and empire in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; Slavery and emancipation in the Caribbean; Marxism and leftism.


Race, culture et nation : anthropologie et littérature en Haïti


Current Student

Bastien is a native of Rochefort-sur-Mer, France. He joined the PhD program at the University of Chicago in Fall 2013 to study nineteenth and twentieth-century French and Francophone literatures. Specifically, he is interested in the intersection of literature and the social sciences with regard to historical processes of racial emancipation and national construction. Currently, he is exploring how late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century Haitian intellectuals and writers engaged with anthropology to challenge the production of racist discourses and protest the logic of racial domination.