Romance Languages and Literatures

Current Graduate Students

Program Dissertation Research Interests
Thomaz Amâncio Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies Perspectivism, the Anthropocene, Ecocriticism and Animal Studies
Lizette Arellano Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies Early modern Spanish and colonial literature, gender and sexuality studies in Spain’s Golden Age, Golden Age drama, early modern female writers
Eufemia Baldassarre Italian Studies
Miriam Borrero Robledo Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies 19th-century Spanish novel, verbal and visual aspects in Spanish literature, the analysis of the formal elements in narratives, the role of space in literary texts, gender studies.
Amine Bouhayat French and Francophone Studies Les Relations internationales dans la tragédie française d'Ancien Régime: Archéologie de l'impérialisme
Ryan Brown French and Francophone Studies
Cosette Bruhns Italian Studies Worth a Thousand Words: Turning to Visual Art in Dante, Boccaccio, and Petrarch Medieval and Early Modern French and Italian literature, aesthetic theory, and visual art
Enrico Carnevali Italian Studies
Laura Colaneri Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies The Haunted Southern Cone. Sinister Power and Political Terror in the Cultural Imaginary of Dictatorship Dictatorship and authoritarianism in the Southern Cone; horror, the sinister, the occult, and the gothic in literature and film; gender and sexuality studies
Bastien Craipain French and Francophone Studies Race, nation et culture: anthropologies et littératures franco-haïtiennes Postcolonial Francophone Studies; Haitian and Caribbean Studies; Critical Race Theory; History of the Social Sciences; Translation.
Veerle Dierickx French and Francophone Studies Notes Taking Sides: Social and Aesthetic Meanings of Music in the Novel Twentieth- and twenty-first century French literature, with a focus on the intersection between literature and music
Dana Gordon Dombrowski Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies Mediated Memories: Re-imagining 23-F in Spanish Literature and Film Twentieth-century and contemporary peninsular literature
Anna Kathryn Donko Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies Colonial Latin American literature and material culture, colonialism and evangelization, historiography, systematization of indigenous languages, missionary dictionaries and grammars, discursive formations of race.
Cristina Esteves-Wolff Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies 20th and 21st century Caribbean and Latin American literature and intellectual history; postcolonial and decolonial studies; legal theory and hermeneutics; psychoanalysis; critical theory
Isaías Fanlo Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies Staging a Queer Nation: Landscapes of Desire in Contemporary Catalan Drama
Beatrice Fazio Italian Studies
Isabela Fraga Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies Subjected to Feeling: Sensibility and Slavery in Brazil and Cuba Eighteenth- and nineteenth- century intellectual production in Brazil and Cuba; slavery; history of medicine; affect theory; cultural studies; theories of diaspora; postcolonial studies
Khouloud Gargouri French and Francophone Studies
Silvia Guslandi Italian Studies Belonging to the Threshold. Appartenenza and sradicamento in early 20th-Century “Italian” literature 19th- and 20th-century Italian literature, American and Comparative literature, Translation, Literary Theory and Linguistics
Daniela Gutiérrez Flores Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies The Poetics of the Kitchen: Cooks and the Literary Culture in the Early Modern Spanish Atlantic Early Modern Spanish literature; Colonial Latin American literature; Food studies; Gender and Sexuality; Historical cooking.
Madison Hendren Italian Studies Representations of Sports and Games in Medieval Italian Literature
Viviana Hong Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies Child’s Play and Foul Play in Argentina’s Dirty War in Contemporary Argentine Narratives Twentieth-century and contemporary Latin American literature and culture; visual arts
Peadar Kavanagh
Michele Kenfack French and Francophone Studies L’écriture apocalyptique dans le récit francophone d’Afrique sub-saharienne et des Caraïbes (1968-1990)
Darren Kusar Italian Studies
Loriane Lafont Literature of the XVI century; Renaissance; sociology of medieval/Renaissance age; Rabelais; Montaigne; Clement Marot; Italian literature; Ancient Greek, rhetoric; theatre of the Renaissance/Médiéval age; history of ideas, philosophy; anthropology; linguistics; stylistics; ethical studies
Hilda Larrazabal Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies La recepción de sor Juana en el siglo XX: tradición, campo cultural y disciplina
Krizia Laureano-Ruiz Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies
Eduardo Leão Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies La anatomía del apocalipsis: ficción distópica en la América Latina del siglo XXI Contemporary Latin American literature and cinema; Amazonian studies.
Jorge Lefevre Tavárez Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies Ficciones históricas: El indianismo en las Antillas hispánicas
Paulina León Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies Communication technologies, print culture, epistemology, material discourse, modern and contemporary historiography, intellectual history
Kirsten Lopez French and Francophone Studies Medieval French and Anglo-Norman literature; animal studies; theories of metamorphosis and identity; gender studies; eco-criticism; nature in medieval visual culture; twelfth-century renaissance; allegory and symbolism of romance literature; vernacular writing.
Enrique Macari Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies Aesthetic Matters: Revolution, Literature and Emancipation in Twentieth-Century Mexico (1910-1968)
Luis Madrigal Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies Contemporary Latin American literature and culture, Mexican studies
Juan Diego Mariátegui Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies
Norman Mora Quintero Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies Contemporary Latin American literature (narrative); Thing Theory; questions interweaving ethics, aesthetics, and politics
Fadil Moslemani Italian Studies Filosofia letteraria e romanzo storico. Un’analisi della rappresentazione della Storia attraverso il prisma foucaultiano del “carnevale del tempo”
Miriam Muccione Italian Studies A Delayed Enlightenment: Giambattista Vico and the Making of Modernity
Chiara Nifosi French and Francophone Studies Dire le temps par l’espace. Construction et fonctionnement d’une métaphore proustienne Theory of the novel, Realism and Modernism, Symbolist poetry, comparative literature, Nineteenth- and Twentieth-century French prose and poetry
Maximilien Novak French and Francophone Studies 18th-19th century French and German literature, French Revolution, Napoleonic studies, Translation studies, Musicology
Manuel Olmedo Gobante Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies The Golden Age of the Sword: Fencing and Literature in the Early Modern Hispanic World Golden Age Spanish literature, early modern martial arts
Pablo Ottonello Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies Contemporary Latin American Literature
Meriam Pacheco Salazar Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies Contemporary Hispano-Caribbean women writers, and the ways in which their gender identity has shaped their narratives of motherhood, marriage, divorce, orphanhood, and loss.
Filippo Petricca Italian Studies Money, Time and Trust in Medieval Paris and Florence. An Economy of Literature (1200-1375)
Benjamin Ransom French and Francophone Studies
David Reher Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies The Pre-Enlightenment Orient in Spanish-Language Imagination: Masculinity, Socio-Economics, and Religion in Constantinople Trans-cultural relations, collective identities, and lyric literature
Brenna Rice French and Francophone Studies 20th century literature; autobiography and life narrative, postcolonial studies, testimony, cultural memory, and national identity.
Medardo Rosario Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies Pilgrims, Outcasts and Wanderers: Delimiting New Configurations of Space and Subjectivity through Religious Itineraries in the Spanish Novel of Adventures
Matías Spector Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies Spanish Golden Age culture and literature; the history of ideas in Early Modern Europe; the relations between the verbal and the visual; the origins and evolution of literary genres
Fara Taddei Italian Studies Gift theory, gender studies, Renaissance studies, critical theory, realism
Bibiana Tangari Italian Studies Modern and contemporary literature, both Italian and foreign, visual arts, comparative studies, reception studies.
Elizabeth Tavella Italian Studies A Shift in Perception: Rethinking Multispecies Coexistence Modern Italian Literature, Critical Animal Studies, Ecofeminism, Comparative Literature, Applied Ethics, Biopolitics, Gender and Race Studies, Urban Ecologies
Esther Van Dyke French and Francophone Studies Sublime Racine: Theatrical Practices of the Ineffable
Jacqueline Victor French and Francophone Studies Female Fictions: Narrating gendered movement in Old French verse romance
Jane Vincent Italian Studies