Romance Languages and Literatures

Laura Gandolfi

Assistant Professor, Latin American Literature
(On leave 2018-2019)



  • PhD in Spanish and Portuguese, Princeton University, 2013.
  • Graduate Certificate in Italian Studies, Princeton University, 2013.
  • MA in Spanish, Università di Trieste (summa cum laude), 2007.
  • BA in Spanish and English, Università di Trieste (summa cum laude), 2005
Program(s): Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies

Laura Gandolfi joined the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures in 2013. She specializes in 19th and 20th century Mexican literature and culture, with a particular emphasis in the intersections between literary production and material culture.

Her research and teaching interests include 19th-21st century Latin American Literature, visual studies, gender and sexuality, animal studies.

Laura’s current book-length project, Objetos itinerantes: prácticas de escritura, percepción y cultura material, explores the relationship between nineteenth-century Mexican cultural production and material objects. Following different categories of objects (such as commodities, pre-Columbian antiquities, or precious stones), and moving from analyzing the ways in which material objects circulated to considering how they were textually described and visually represented through different cultural practices, the project aims to decode the cultural, social, and political meanings of objects, whether within a literary text, a painting, a museum, or a private collection.

Selected publications

“Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera y la voz de las cosas.” Taller de letras 57 (2015): 35-51.

“Notas acerca de Las Hortensias: la vidriera de la memoria.Revista Landa  3.2 (2015): 189-2010.

“Aesthetics and Politics: An Interview with Jacques Rancière.” Critical Inquiry 38.2 (2012): 289-297. Co-authored with Gavin Arnall and Enea Zaramella. (interview)

“La Ocasión de Juan José Saer: hacia una tensión entre espíritu y materia.” Colorado Review of Hispanic Studies. 8 (2010): 287-298.

Princesa: The Textual Space between Translation and Divergence.” Ellipsis. 8 (2010): 75-90.

 “Freud in Trieste: Journey to an Ambiguous City.” Psychoanalysis and History. 12.2 (2010): 129-151.