Romance Languages and Literatures

Elga Cremades Cortiella

Assistant Instructional Professor


Gates-Blake 208


Program(s): Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies

Born and raised in southern Catalonia, I just moved to Chicago after spending the last four years teaching both linguistics ­­and Catalan in Brno (Czech Republic), where I contributed to the development of a new degree in Catalan language and literature.

As an enthusiast about linguistics, my PhD focused on Catalan syntax. However, I have tried to diversify my research, doing some postgraduate courses on sociolinguistics, on forensic linguistics, and on language acquisition.

With the aim of combining my experience as a language teacher and my interest in linguistics, I am now focusing my research on the development of the Catalan Learner Corpus, a tool that might help both teachers and researchers get a deeper insight on the language of Catalan learners from all over the world.