Romance Languages and Literatures

Marie Berg

Instructional Professor


Gates-Blake 233

Phone Number: 



Program(s): French and Francophone Studies

I am French-American. I am originally from the région parisienne, and moved in Chicago in 2002. I’ve always loved to read and to study language in general. I hold a Licence de Lettres Modernes (BA in Modern Literature) and a Maîtrise de FLE (Master in French as a Foreign Language). I’ve been teaching French for twenty years, and at UChicago since 2007. I find the environment here ever stimulating, professionally and personally. I enjoy teaching at all levels, and for the past several years I have been focusing on developing second and third-year courses.


  • Grangier, Di Vito, Berg. C’est ce qu’on dit (Year 2 French textbook). Georgetown University Press. Coming in 2019.