Romance Languages and Literatures

Jaume Ayats i Abeyà

Joan Coromines Visiting Chair of Catalan Studies
(In residence Spring 2018)


Goodspeed 209

Office Hours: 

Tuesday & Thursday 3:00-3:20pm


Program(s): Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies

Jaume Ayats i Abeyà is Professor of Ethnomusicology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and the current director of the Barcelona Museu de la Música. He received his PhD from the UAB in 1997 and is the author of several books on the history of Catalan popular and religious music, including Els Segadors: de cançó eròtica a himne nacional (2011), Cantadors del Pallars: Cants religiosos de tradició oral al Pirineu (2010), Cantar al coro, cantar a la fàbrica (2008). He has also published articles and edited several volumes on Mediterranean traditional music.