Romance Languages and Literatures

Professor de Armas' novel

Frederick de Armas recently published his first novel, El abra del Yumurí.  Based on some fragments written by his mother, Ana Galdos, this novel seeks to re-imagine Havana in 1958, in the months preceding the triumph of the Cuban revolution. Amidst frantic feasts and ostentatious soirees, five women try to live their lives in the midst of danger, be it from a serial killer who seeks to snuff out the lives of some of the wealthiest women in the city or from the political violence that grips the capital. Even more ominous are the prophetic voices that predict doom, as the murmurings of an ancient legend are heard again. As Carolina searches for a mysterious painting that she saw in a dream, she fails to notice that she is endangering her very life while she brings to life the Yumuri.  Called a premonitory novel, the work marks the endings of an era, while echoing the nineteenth-century "novela social."